This project contains…

Paper: Fouchaux (2013) Thick learning situations: paths towards a framework for 21st-century learning design . or as a concept map
Appendices: Appendices A-H .

Web app: You are Here
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Demonstrates the premise of the paper by...
  1. making the paper's main points available as a usable compact application
  2. making visible the thinking behind the paper utilizing two very interesting and promising tools discovered during course of research, that demanded inclusion:
    I now consider myself an adopter of both.

Activity (mapped in Open University UK's CompendiumLD, "Learning Design" tool): Activity A web-based activity building a simple version of a web app like the one above,...
App for activity: App Making
...or the landing page itself, which contains code ideas to copy/paste. I built a tool to help participants get started copy/pasting AppMaker Helper with video support throughout.

Digital Storytelling and HTML5 MultiMedia sub-project: used within app see Abstract "In the second part..." and press the Making Thinking Visible button.